Kangen Water Alkaline Water Kangen Water Alkaline Water is a top ranked site on Google in the following categories: 

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#1: ”Kangen Water Pittsburgh”

#1: ”Kangen Pittsburgh”

#1: ”Alkaline Water Pittsburgh”

Regional Marketing

This is a site we built for a retired nurse who had discovered the health benefits of a Japanese water treatment system called Kangen Water. The water filter market is highly competitive and oversaturated with many people and companies offering a variety of products, making this a project we generally would not have taken on.

Speaking with this customer, we understood that the contract with her supplier was that her sales territory was limited to Pittsburgh and that this project could not include online sales. Because we were able to regionalize this site to Pittsburgh, the site rose to #1 Google in its category within two weeks of launch, and it continues to rank at the top of the search results.

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Kangen Water Alkaline Water

Kangen Water

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After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.