Projects by Referral

After having worked to build Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.

SEO Doesn’t Work for Every Web Site

For many products and services, the Internet is far too saturated with existing web sites for SEO to be an effective marketing tool. One customer asked us to SEO his web site in a market where there were only 480 searches per week with more than 22,000 web sites already built to sell his product. We declined to build this web site and told this potential customer that SEO would not be an effective marketing strategy in this oversaturated market.

Let Us Identify Available Markets for You

SEO works best where we can use our keyword search tools to identify markets with high search volume and low competition. It is common for our customers to choose products to sell, having done no market research to identify if there is any interest in their product line. Since market analysis is a result of doing keyword analysis, we can frequently identify adjacent markets that will result in a greater number of sales.

SEO Works Better for Service Businesses than Product Businesses

With the current saturation of the Internet, few businesses can sell enough products online to make a living, unless the product has a high enough markup, or it fills highly specific unfilled market niches.

For service industries, however, a few new repeat customers per month brought in through a web site can make a substantial contribution to the business’s bottom line. Too frequently, we are asked to build web sites for products that cannot be effectively marketed on the web.

SEO Works Better for Regional Markets than for National Markets

It is becoming increasingly difficult for web sites to compete for top search engine ranking in a national market. Search Engine Optimization works best when businesses can target their web site to a regional market, such as a specific city. We will only consider building nationally ranked Search Engine Optimized web sites for businesses that sell unique products or services.

We Are Now Identifying Top Markets for Ourselves

Using our keyword analysis tools, we are able to identify high volume, low competition markets for a variety of products for which we are now building in-house web sites. We question the ability of other SEO companies if they are capable of doing market research and are still in the business of building customer web sites, instead of developing top ranked sites for themselves. It has become increasingly clear to us that our best business model is to develop top ranked web sites for our own projects.

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Projects by Referral

After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.