Social Skills Games Social Skills Games is a top ranked site on Google in the following categories: 

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#4: “Social Skills Games”

#1: ”Ryuu World”

Market Positioning

We were asked to redevelop this site for the customer after their first site did not perform well on the search engines. We identified several online markets for this customer’s product, and based on the competition and the search volume, we positioned the web site in a market that had the lowest competition and highest number of searches. Every line of the site content was carefully crafted to allow this site to climb in a national market.

It took a year for the site to rise from launch to its current #4 position, and we have every expectation that this site will rise higher in time. Based on the Google Analytics for the site, we know that every month there are searches made from nearly every state in the US, and from many other countries. Our customer has told us that these searches convert to a high number of sales both here and abroad.

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Social Skills Games

Social Skills Games

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Social Skills Lessons

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After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.