Web Site Design

We Are Skilled Web Site Designers

We at SEO Pittsburgh create web sites that are both attractive and functional. We have extensive expertise in fine art, and a combined twenty years experience in web graphic design.

We build our sites using attractive color schemes, elegant navigation, and cleanly arranged text content. We also integrate images into our sites to help narrate the ideas being expressed.

We Build Search Engine Optimized Sites

For a web site to work, it has to be more than pretty. Every part of our sites is carefully crafted for optimal search engine performance. We build our sites around ten top SEO criteria, and assemble these elements into a visually coherent web site design.

We Use Google Heat Maps

We base the design of our web sites on the Google Heat Map. This is a statistical map developed by Google that is based on where people look for specific features on a web site. We place the most important keywords and information in the highest traffic locations on each web page.

We Optimize Web Site Navigation

We optimize the navigation of our web sites for the search engines. Since Google cannot yet read words imbedded in pictures, the navigation on our web sites is text-based. We optimize this navigation text with top keywords as part of our Search Engine Optimization process. We position the navigation on our web sites in accordance with the Google Heat Map to make our sites easily searched by both customers and search engines.

We Optimize Web Site Graphics

We optimize the size of the graphics that we use on our sites, since web page load times are another important aspect of SEO. We label each of our graphics with short, optimized descriptions called “alt tags” to aid in search engine placement. Our use of alt tags also allows people with visual challenges to identify the images on our web pages with the use of a screen reader.

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After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.