Technical Writing

Technical Writing and Copyediting

At SEO Pittsburgh, we are researchers and skilled technical writers. We provide copyediting and copywriting services for all of your writing needs.

Web Site Copywriting

Many web developers will design your site, and then expect you to write the content. We go beyond design and use an interviewing process to create quality web site content, using your words to personalize your site. We then refine and optimize your words so that they speak to the search engines as well as they speak to your customers.

Grant Writing

As professional grant writers, we use our skills as researchers to create well-documented and statistically based presentations tailored to your specific grant requirements. Having this well presented numeric data is compelling to grantors and is useful for market positioning.

PowerPoint Presentations

We also use our skills as professional writers and web site developers to build compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Being skilled at analyzing and presenting data, we create presentations that are both content rich and easy to understand. Like the development of a well-written web site, a quality PowerPoint document offers an audience well presented information through concise writing and appropriate graphics.

Research and Documentation

We are skilled researchers and meticulous fact checkers. We use our data analysis and research skills to develop a wide range of business documentation.

The projects we have worked on include the development of engineering specifications, the creation of software documentation, and the ghostwriting of how-to manuals. We are skilled at presenting complex information in a way that is easy to understand.

Contact us. We are prepared to meet your writing needs.

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After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.