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Grant Writing

In addition to the commercial work that we do for customers, we also do extensive charity work for the autism community. This particular customer provides social skills training for people on the autism spectrum.

Being a startup business, this customer had no money for marketing and was considering selecting another line of work. When we initially consulted with her, we were able to demonstrate to her that there was a very high demand for this specialized service here in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area.

As professional writers, we applied for and received a grant to build a top ranked web site for this customer. The success of this grant was based on the statistical data from our keyword research that demonstrated the customer’s high demand and low competition field of work. Our completed site rose to and has remained in the #1 position on Google since one month after launch.

More importantly, because of the high market demand for this service, the conversion rate on this site has been spectacularly high, exceeding the capacity of this service provider in only a few months. In all, we were able to produce a web site at almost no cost to the customer, and were able to provide a service to the autism community.

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After having built Search Engine Optimized web sites for more than five years, we have made the decision that we will only be accepting new customer projects by referral.